MADISON, Ill. – Enjoy Illinois 300 aims to bring NASCAR fans closer to the action than ever before. Ahead of Sunday’s grand event, fans had the opportunity to observe racecar preparations up close from the Gateway Garage.

Pit crews worked hard to set up motor vehicles for 36 drivers in Sunday’s race. The earliest preparations began for most around three hours before race time.

PHOTOS: Behind the scenes and fan festivities at Enjoy Illinois 300

The setup is quite important, as NASCAR requires all Cup Series teams to pass inspection before their cars hit the track.

What goes into the setup? Those who watched the pit crews may have noticed them perform the following actions:

Tuning the chassis and engine

Applying tires and checking tire pressure

Checking the brakes and fuel systems

Tweaking aerodynamic components, such as the spoiler and splitter

Adjusting the driver’s seat, steering wheel and other internal components

Checking on seat belts, safety harnesses, and fire suppression systems

Using technology and data analysis to make adjustments

NASCAR says crews must follow several requirements for setting up their cars in an effort to level the playing field.

According to NASCAR, the setup and inspection process consists of the following:

Ensuring that the car is elevated to visually inspect the nose, under the body and inside.

Ensuring that the body is visually inspected using a handheld template to ensure the body conforms to regulations.

Ensuring that optical scanning is used to inspect the chassis and body of car.

Ensuring that holding blocks are removed and a final safety inspection is done.

In the video attached above, FOX 2 observed teams at work for Joey Logano, Kyle Busch, Bubba Wallace, Chris Buescher and Ryan Blaney.

Hundreds of fans had scattered around a fence to see the preparations up close.

“We’ve expanded a lot of things that we’ve been doing,” said Curtis Francois, owner of WWT Raceway. “You look at the infield fan experience, we’ve added the NASCAR [garage] experience. That is just a great opportunity where the stage is set.”

Sunday’s Enjoy Ililnois 300 race began at 2:30 p.m. It marks the third straight year of a NASCAR Cup Series race at WWT Raceway. The race will likely take at least three hours to complete. Check back for updates.