ST. LOUIS — Many people are used to waking up and seeing John Pertzborn anchoring the news on FOX 2. He’s been a part of the KTVI morning news crew since 1998. The newsman has been missing for a week because of an issue with his eye. He warns that a detached retina is something that can happen to you too, especially after the age of 50.

Pertzborn noticed an unexpected shadow in front of a studio camera last week. He contacted his optometrist, who told him that he needed emergency detached retinal surgery. He needed to act fast because a delay may mean a loss of sight.

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Doctors at The Retina Institute were able to fix the issue. They had to make an incision into his right eye and used a gas bubble to place the retina back in its proper place. Pertzborn says that it sounds worse than it feels. He felt discomfort but little pain.

“For now, I’m ‘legally blind’ in my right eye, all I can see is one massive blur. I’m told right-eye vision will slowly improve in the weeks ahead,” writes Pertzborn. “My wife and I give thanks for all of the talented doctors in the St. Louis area, our region is truly blessed. I hope to “SEE” you all soon!”

The symptoms he experienced included a few brief bright flashes, a grey shadow almost like a curtain in the corner of his eye, and an abundance of “floaters”. The surgeon said that he must remain off the anchor desk to heal until the middle of August. He is healing now and is expected to make a full recovery.