ST. LOUIS – Latitudes and longitudes help with pinpointing where exactly a city lies on Earth’s surface. They’re also important in understanding climate, time zones and geographical patterns.

For the city of St. Louis, the latitude and longitude coordinates are approximately 38.63 and -90.20.

This means, on the surface of Earth, St. Louis is situated at a latitude of approximately 38.63 degrees North and a longitude of approximately 90.20 degrees West.

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For cities that share similar coordinates, one way or another, this means they’re situated on a similar geographic line or axis in comparison to St. Louis.

The concept of shared latitudes and longitudes gained traction on social media earlier this year when X account Amazing Maps revealed that two well-known cities worldwide, Chicago and Rome, shared the latitude.

Which cities share their latitudes or longitudes with St. Louis? Or if not quite identically, which ones come close? FOX 2 did the research. Here’s what we learned…


Sacramento, California, USA (38.58)

Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA (38.83)

Louisville, Kentucky, USA (38.25)

Palermo, Italy (38.13)

Izmir, Turkey (38.42)

Athens, Greece (37.98)

Shijazhung, China (38.04)

Lisbon, Portugal (38.72)

Dushnabe, Tajikistan (38.56)

Miyagi, Japan (38.63)


Memphis, Tennessee, USA (-90.04)

Jackson, Mississippi, USA (-90.18)

Davenport, Iowa, USA (-90.57)

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA (-90.07)

Ashland, Wisconsin, USA (-90.88)

Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada (-89.25)

Campeche, Mexico (-90.53)

Guatemala City, Guatemala (-90.51)

Villa Nueva, Guatemala (-90.60)

Puerto Ayora, Ecuador (-90.31)

NOTE: The values are based on coordinates from geography-based website Cities revealed are within one full coordinate of St. Louis.