MADISON, Ill. – Monday was a day of cleanup after the Enjoy Illinois 300 wrapped up over the weekend.

“Everything from cleaning the grandstands to all the tens we bring in… there’s just a lot of things going on, getting things cleaned up, and getting ready for the changeover,” Chris Blair, executive vice president and general manager of Worldwide Technology Raceway, said.

Blair says this was the third of a three-year NASCAR commitment to St. Louis. But the Gateway City is expected to get another NASCAR return next year.

“NASCAR is happy, we’re happy, obviously, the fans that turned out are happy,” Blair said. “We had Steve Phelps, the president of NASCAR, here in town just a few weeks ago. He made the comment that they’d be doing business with Worldwide Technology Raceway for many, many years to come.”

In the meantime, there are shows, races, and other events planned for the raceway within the next three months.

June will host the Night of Fire and Thunder with KSHE, a formula drift in July, Bommarito Automotive Group in August, and the NHRA in September.

“We’re the only track in the country that hosts NASCAR, Indy Car and NHRA, and we’re very proud of that,” Blair said.